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Custom Bay Window Installation for Kirkland Homes


When it comes to remodeling a house or constructing a new one, a custom window is considered an ideal addition by many Kirkland, WA homeowners. Some significant benefits offered by a custom window in the Kirkland area include:

  • Custom window enhances the resale value of the residence
  • Custom window in the Kirkland area is easy to clean
  • Custom window comes in plenty of shapes and sizes
  • Custom window is affordable
  • Custom window adds visual appeal to your home

Bring your needs for a custom window in the Kirkland area to us at Builders Service Company. Operating as local builders since 1974, we have gained the reputation of being trusted picture window, garden window and custom window Kirkland area suppliers as well as installation specialists. Using our decades of experience, we provide you with the best-suited custom window that adds true value to your dwelling.

Unique Garden Window Designs for the Kirkland Homeowner


The platform created by a garden window can be used to place the plants that require proper sunlight. Available in different designs, a garden window in the Kirkland area is often used in kitchen and bathroom areas. A few reasons to add a garden window to your home are:

  • Garden window in the Kirkland area improves outside views
  • Garden window enhances light transmission
  • Garden window adds airflow
  • Garden window in the Kirkland area offers heat gain during cold weather
  • Garden window is easy to install

Our professionals can install as well repair different categories of windows, including a custom window, picture window and garden window in the Kirkland area to suit your needs. Additionally, we allow you to choose from unique custom, picture and garden windows. So, if you need garden window installation services, get in touch with our experts.

Install a Picture Window to Enjoy the View in Kirkland


A picture window is usually made of large glass and is outfitted in a living room to enjoy beautiful outside views. With many people installing it in their homes, a picture window in the Kirkland area has gained huge popularity. However, since the installation of picture window needs experience and expertise, it is viable to depend on professionals.

When you need the installation of a picture window in the Kirkland area, approach us. We are known to offer:

  • Plenty of picture window designs
  • Durable picture window styles in the Kirkland area
  • Energy efficient picture window designs
  • Easy to fit picture window styles in the Kirkland area
  • Picture window that is attractive

To get a custom window, garden window and picture window installed from trained and well-equipped professionals, residents of the Kirkland area can call Builders Service Company at 888-980-8580.